Style Guide – Summer dresses to wear now and always

Every season there are trends we love and hate, some will last a few seasons more, and sadly others will be gone before we even realize they were a thing of the moment; that’s why classics aren’t just a safe bet, but an evergreen style choice. One thing is for sure, when it comes to Summer time, light flowy dresses never go out of style – here a few favorites to wear this season and always….why? They’re classic, easy to wear, and ultra feminine and we love that – right?

  • The simple and multitasking one -A classy and effortless style you can wear for work or going out - From www.
  • Floral and sassy tea dress, because you never know... from
  • Day time party - Can't go wrong with maxy in dusty palette and floral prints - Sundays the Label.
  • Evening midi dress - Darker tones with pops of color are the way to go for a wow factor - Talulah
  • Picnic dress - Something light and fresh like a little white dress - Shilla the Label
  • The weekend stroller - Carefree zone, linen simplicity and just the right dose of buttons - Calli the Label


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