Having a beautiful smile is not just about vanity, it is also a matter of confidence and a key factor when it comes to great first impressions.  Not to mention white and bright teeth can make us look younger. I’m not talking about designer smiles whatsoever, I think a natural smile, just like eyes, reveals a bit of everyone’s personality as long as it looks clean and looked after. But day by day habits such as drinking tea, coffee, smoking and even certain types of foods slowly stain our teeth, taking away their healthy and bright appearance.

I’ve never been concerned about my teeth pigmentation, not because they shine in the dark, I simply thought they were white enough to be careless about it. But like everything in life, there comes a moment when you start noticing little things here and there. Turns out all my pleasant tea and coffee moments came at a price and while comparing photos of a few years ago with my current ones, it was obvious I should look into and consider a few ways to get my teeth back to their best.

A few days ago I was lucky enough to trial Advance Whitening , and found myself very pleased with the results. While most whitening treatments and formulas out there can be hard on sensitive teeth, Advance Whitening is free from peroxide, so you’ll feel no pain or discomfort afterward. Best of all you notice results right away, so let me show you how it works!

 The kit includes
Advanced whitening pen
Led Blue spectrum light
Mouth guard
and of course – a shade guide

How to use

First of all, Compare your teeth whiteness level with the shade guide to keep track of your progress; in my case for example, previous to treatment, my teeth tone would match the levels 4 and 5 in the guide.

Sanitize the mouth guard in boiling water for five minutes, and dry it thoroughly. Then open your led light battery lid and remove the plastic isolator located underneath the batteries. Once this is done, place the mouth guard onto the end of the led light.

Now that the led light is set up, brush a small amount of gel directly onto the surface of your teeth – for this simple step, just twist the bottom of the pen 15 -20 times until the gel rises to the brush tip.

Turn the led light on and place the guard into your mouth – leave for 10 minutes and then rinse with water. Repeat once. You can repeat this process daily or weekly until you get your desired result or as directed by a dentist.

My results after the first try…

I have to say I did see an improvement, as my shade went from 5 to 3, but will try it two more times to work on a few hidden spots. This is a steady process so take your current teeth tone into account in regards to your expectations.  Overall, I think Advance Whitening is a great, easy to use treatment to periodically clean and maintain your teeth whiteness in the comfort of your home!

It is recommended not to eat or drink staining foods and drinks for 30 minutes afterwards. Once you’ve used your gel pens store them in your fridge.

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