A dash of color never hurt anyone, or as in this case a splash! As you might have already noticed, I’m not afraid of color, and Winter is not the exception; despite the fact most people seem to feel more comfortable in the usual black, brown and grey tones during the colder months,  I find colorful pieces therapeutic – I don’t know you but grey days put me in certain mood, so to bring liveliness I often incorporate bright tones here and there, in cold shades of course.

Being “check” a preferred choice when it comes to prints during this season, and a favorite trend lately, I thought this check on check outfit is a fresh approach to winter style, somewhat bold yet delicate, and with a sartorial allure. Suitable for one of those springlike days we still get during our Aussie Winters, if styled with stilettos, or totally appropriate for a chilled weather day  if paired with long boots and a scarf for example.

Where is this beautiful set from, you might ask? Review Australia never disappoints if we’re talking impressive coats and lady like dresses, not to mention dreamy accessories. Classic silhouettes never go out of style, and these two garments turn out to be equally versatile by separate, think that dress worn as a pinafore or jumper dress, and the coat elevating more casual looks. Last but not least a interesting shaped bag adds as an interesting pop of color in a cold lilac tone, it’s perfect for dressy or casual settings, and spacious enough to carry your essentials. What’s not to love?

Wearing dress, coat and bag from Review Australia


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