Handmade Lux – Brand spotlight featuring My dearest

I’m developing a new affection for a sense of difference when incorporating new items into my wardrobe and style in general, slowly leaving behind what’s trendy for what’s timeless yet equally cool and out of the box.  Something that brings a uniqueness, or a special quality that resonates with one’s personal style.

Being a devoted fan of show stopping skirts, that seem to have a life of their own with every step,  this crafty piece of wearable art totally got my heart. A handmade creation featuring an interesting blend of wool and chiffon and charming frill hemline that despite its wow factor is surprisingly easy to wear and carry for a variety of occasions. Not to mention the stylish top, with a simple but flattering fit as the perfect addition to any woman’s essential white shirt collection.

Where did I find said set, you might ask – On my mission finding fashion proposals with curated selections, locally created and designed, or thoughtfully sourced, that are also timeless rather than trendy I came across My dearest.

Founded in 2016, My Dearest started as a little boutique retail store based in Sydney, Australia. Fast forward to today, My Dearest has expanded and evolved into a fashion label; the clothes they cater are mostly designed by their team. Their aesthetic concept is smart and simple, instead of focusing on seasonal collections, they aim to offer pieces that hold timeless versatility and quality.  My Dearest’s selection offers pieces suitable for every occasion, that are easy to combine as well as statement pieces, but they also stock other brands that complement their selection.

Featuring Skirt and top set from My Dearest Shoes from Pink Inc, Bag from Mlouye

In collaboration with My Dearest

Thanks for your visit!

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