Designer Profile – Blanka Matragi

There is endless talent in the field of fashion world wide and very often we are saturated by the ones at the very top or mainstream brands.  Don´t get me wrong I love to be inspired by legends and updated with what big brands have to offer, but it´s also refreshing finding new concepts or better yet – unknown talent, something from a different side of the world.  Blanka Matragi is one of those inspiring designers with amazing talent and a unique view who makes me wonder why her name is not so pupular, probably because  rather than prêt à porter  and massive fashion, her passion is creating a unique piece totally taylored not just to the body but the woman´s personality.

Destiny took her away from her native Czech Republic to Lebanon, she had met her husband to be at college in Prague and decided to follow him to Beirut. As an ambitious minded young woman she was eager to pursue her dream, and it wasn´t easy until an arab princess noticed her talent and graceful designs. Since then she has become a regarded designer among royalty, diplomats and artists.

What makes her designs different? well you be the judge.  Apart from luxury materials, the finest fabrics and the intrigate processes she personally applies to them, not to mention the weeks required for every model, the final result is a dream vision, and she makes sure her clients look like they came out of a dream, or a surreal scene.




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