C/meo Collective Resort 18 – Ode to romance

Seven years have been enough time for C/meo Collective to flourish as one of Australia’s favorite brands, thanks to its experimental yet wearable aesthetic that pleases the eye and functionality; with surprising new concepts but always true to its codes this label is a niche when it comes to effortless elegance.

Like an ode to romance, the resort collection was picturesque, festive and equally sophisticated,  bringing back the old-fashioned glam with the influx of modern tailoring, which was reflected in ultra-feminine silhouettes, indulging use of ornament and flattering proportions.

Now, for those of you thinking ” ruffles? groundbreaking”, this fashion week edition has served as a reaffirmation for bold and conspicuous references and C/Meo Collective gave us a considerable dose of that; although there were low key and sporty options for the lovers of minimalistic style, this was a proposal in which ruffles are a major focal point, but not in a redundant way, it was kept tasteful and luxurious in sync with body conscious garments enhanced by rich and generous features, such as bishop and flounced sleeves, Victorian button-up tops, appliques, and textured works, not to mention vibrant prints infused with botanic splendor.

The following are some of the best runway moments seen on this show… enjoy!


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