Festive season, Autumn Carnival, Holidays or simply a wow look for a girls night out, you name it – in a woman’s agenda there is always something around the corner and with it the excuse to display an updated look! While where we get the arsenal for such purpose might be a random choice for some, many of us would rather have a consistent – suitable to our style – label list, if that’s your case and like me, you are a fan of everything feminine and elegant with an effortless allure, keep Shilla The Label on your radar.

Catering a contemporary proposal and up to date looks, Shilla’s stamp reflects a sense of natural sophistication and modern appeal. For some of my recent events I’ve got to wear this Aussie label, and not only loved its flattering silhouettes but its quality fabrication and fit. Plus every model is availablae in sizes from xs to xl. Below are three of my most recent Shilla Looks!

Casual sunday

Summer weekends call for simplicity and relaxation but not less glam – A little white dress is a feminine touch that meets style and comfort, indeed a wardrobe must.

Tea dress or a romantic date

Dreamy pastel prints, a mix of textures and a dash of flounces, A very lady like and chic look that promises to be memorable.

Eventful day

Why I love this garment? It is dressy, but not over the top, I can wear it from day to night and be conveniently dressed for a day time wedding or like in my case, take it to the races; but if you want an evening look it goes perfect paired with a chic mini jacket or blazer on top!


In collaboration with Shilla The Label

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